lundi 11 septembre 2006

Participez à l'écriture d'un redbook DB2 V9


IBM vous propose de participer à l'écriture d'un redbook DB2 pour z/OS V9 intitulé :

- DB2 v9 and SAP enhancements and how they complement each other on System z

This book presents the SAP features for DB2 for z/OS V9 and for DB2 Connect V9.1. It demonstrates the best ways to exploit these new features to achieve performance benefits. This redbook will also emphasize what we are doing on System z with DB2 and SAP to facilitate higher availability and why DB2 v9 is better for SAP on System z. This Redbook demonstrates how DB2 v9 and SAP changes compliment each other on System z.

Potential Topics that may explored:
Minimizing a migration outage
DB2 v9 schema changes and how they enhance SAP
New Data Types and how SAP can exploit them
New Indexing capabilities
Security and Encryption
Utilities - new features and functions
DB2 Connect v9.1
Capacity Planning
Hints and Tips
WLM new features for autonomic DB2 buffer pooling
Cloning Enhancements
Additional Tools Available
Performance Tuning
Facilitating Database Administration

A sample Table of Contents is included here:
Architecture (including DB2 Connect, 64-bit storage)
Usability, availability, scalability
SAP Business Warehouse
Tools and administration
Security features

Tous les renseignements sur les conditions d'une "Residency" :

Enfin, vous trouverez ci-desous la présentation de Jeffrey Berger (IBM SVL)
référencée depuis le 26 juin 2006 sur ce blog :

- Enhanced I/O Performance on the System z9 with DB2, FICON and the DS8000

ainsi que sa version Redpaper, disponible sur le site d'IBM :

- "How does the MIDAW facility improve the performance of FICON channels using DB2 and other workloads?, REDP-4201-00" :



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