lundi 26 juin 2006

Redpaper Disk storage access with DB2 for z/OS


IBM vient de mettre à disposition un nouveau Redpaper DB2 intitulé, "Disk storage access with DB2 for z/OS , REDP-4187-00" :

DB2 integrates with the storage management software and continues to deliver synergy with FICON (fiber connector) channels and disk storage features. DB2 uses Parallel Access Volume and Multiple Allegiance features of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) and DS8000.FlashCopy V2 helps increase the availability of your data while running the CHECK INDEX SHRLEVEL(CHANGE) utility. DB2 integrates with z/OS 1.5 to deliver the system point in time recovery capability, a solution applicable to recovery, disaster recovery, or environment cloning needs. ESS and DS8000 FlashCopy is used for DB2 BACKUP and RESTORE SYSTEM utilities which implement the solution.Larger control interval sizes help performance with table space scans as well as resolving some data integrity issues. Striping is an effective way of increasing sequential throughput by spreading control intervals across multiple devices.In this redpaper we discuss disk hardware architecture, disk functions, SMS, DNZPARMs relating to storage management, Utilities and FlashCopy, the MIDAW facility - Improved channel architecture

Disk Hardware architecture
Disk functiions

DSNZPARMs relating to disk storage management
Utilities and FlashCopy
The MIDAW facility - Improved channel architecture

Frequently asked questions on disks and SMS

John Iczkovits (IBM Advanced Technical Support, Dallas) co-auteur du Redpaper précédent a aussi écrit la présentation suivante disponible sur le site Web d'IBM :
- DB2 and Storage Management: A Guide to Surviving a Perfect Marriage

- Skipping through IBM Disk history
- Disk Architecture
- DFSMS Basics for DB2 Professionals

Enfin, voici la présentation de Jeffrey Berger (IBM SVL) disponible sur le site de Share :

- Enhanced I/O Performance on the System z9 with DB2, FICON and the DS8000

et sa version RedPaper intitulée, "How does the MIDAW facility improve the performance of FICON channels using DB2 and other workloads?, REDP-4201-00" :

En savoir plus :

- Les articles et présentations de H. Pat Artis (Performance Associates) :



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