lundi 16 mars 2009

Redbook 50 TB Data Warehouse Benchmark on IBM System z


IBM vient de mettre à disposition une version de travail d'un nouveau Redbook intitulé, "50 TB Data Warehouse Benchmark on IBM System z, SG24-7674-00" :

Customers have a strong interest in the scalability of data warehousing solutions on the IBM System z platform using DB2 for z/OS. Since business intelligence environments continue to grow, this book explores the scaling and management of data in sizes beyond 50 TB. We explore the architectural software components that enable us to manage a data warehouse of this magnitude, including the Cognos product set.
The objective of our 50TB study was to test System z scalability in a business intelligence environment and to develop the best practices of managing large data warehouses. The IBM System z was proven to scale to larger volumes, manage a mixed workload, lower the cost of a BI solution using zIIPs, and increase performance by using hardware compression.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Data warehousing overview
Chapter 3. Why System z and IBM storage for Data Warehousing
Chapter 4. Configuration
Chapter 5. VLDB build tips and pointers
Chapter 6. Balancing a data warehouse
Chapter 7. Data and index compression
Chapter 8. Scalability
Chapter 9. Leveraging materialized query tables
Chapter 10. Reporting and analysis with Cognos
Chapter 11. Workload management
Chapter 12. Extract, transform, and load
Chapter 13. Summary: observations and conclusions

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