mardi 10 avril 2007

Sécurité avec DB2 pour z/OS Versions 8 et 9


Vous trouverez ci-dessous plusieurs documents sur la sécurité avec DB2 pour z/OS Versions 8 et 9, disponibles sur le site web d'IBM :

- Securing DB2 and Implementing MLS on z/OS (Redbook 2007 Versions 8 et 9)

- Protect, Retain and Comply with Your DB2 Data (Versions 8 and 9 in PDF and MP3)
par Roger Miller

- New DB2 Improvements in Security (Versions 8 and 9)
par Roger Miller

Version 8 uniquement

- For Certain Eyes Only (Article de DB2mag)
par Sasirekha Cota

- DB2 for z/OS V8 Security Topics, Including Multi-level Security (Version 8)
par Roger Miller

- Best Practices in DB2 Security (Version 8)
par Roger Miller

En savoir plus sur la sécurité

- DB2 for z/OS & OS/390 Security: Protect Your Assets (Versions 6, 7 et 8)
par Roger Miller

IBM Technotes (FAQ) sur la sécurité

- Should I use the traditional DB2 security or RACF access control?

- Authority removed from external security definition (RACF), however user is still able to run the SQL statement. Dynamic statement caching is enabled

- Can encryption be turned on in the SYSIBM.USERNAMES table for the password column?


- Invalid Authorization ID with onlinecheck parameter when customizing an SQLJ program

- Running the RACF access control exit routine for DB2 Version 8 with the RACF database set up for DB2 Version 7

- Why do I get a RACF message even though the CREATE TABLE was successful?

- What is IBM's plan for internal and external security in DB2?

- Is that true that DB2 for z/OS, Version 8 is the last version that will support the internal security

- Does a DB2 user need the triggered action privilege in order to execute a trigger?

- Secondary authorization IDs from CICS to DB2

- Multilevel security: indexes on the security label column



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