lundi 29 octobre 2007

Numéro d'automne de DB2Mag


Le numéro d'automne 2007 de DB2mag est disponible en ligne :

- DB2 Makes Being Green Easy par David Beulke
Reusing DB2 resources makes good business--and performance--sense.

- DB2 DBA: Ultra Availability par Robert Catterall
If you think "never down, don't lose anything" is an impossible goal for DB2, you should think again.

- DB2 for z/OS Buffer Pools and CPU Time par Robert Catterall
What affect will tuning DB2 for z/OS buffer pools have on CPU time?

- Optimistic Locking, Part 2 par Bonnie Baker
When it comes to DB2 for z/OS locks, a pessimistic approach rarely pays.



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