mardi 16 janvier 2007

Technotes IBM DB2 z/OS


Vous trouverez ci-dessous une série de Technotes sur DB2 pour z/OS disponibles sur le site web d'IBM :

- How to get more extents without a DB2 outage?

- Advantages of using CREATE INDEX with DEFER YES and then REBUILD INDEX?

- What kind of performance enhancement is disabled if the outer join performance enhancement is turned off?

- Empty DBRMLIB member after compiling with Enterprise COBOL using the CoProcessor and DB2 V8

- Access Path Performance Issues

- How can I keep DB2 for z/OS stored procedures address spaces (SPAS) that are managed by Workload Manager (WLM) from taking over the system?

- Using the RELEASE(DEALLOCATE) bind option and one plan

- Nested Stored Procedures