mardi 23 janvier 2007

Asked and Answered : la suite (Robert Catterall)


Vous trouverez ci-dessous une seconde série de "Questions/Réponses" de Robert Catterall sur DB2 pour z/OS parues dans DB2mag :

- Alternatives to Batch Processing

- IMS vs. DDF

- Can you have too many DB2 package collections?

- How can I refer a global temporary table defined in the calling stored procedure in the called stored procedure?

- We are already at the 2G limit for the DBM1 address space and our machine is only an R95. Do you really have the same need to separate data sets by volume as much with the new DASD technologies?

- How do I control which schema I want to use when I am using more than one in a program?

- How do you leverage 160 I/O channels in relationship to partitioning?

- You write that there's no good reason to use the simple tablespace. Why not?

- Is there a rhyme, reason, formula, or theory that can be used to determine the optimal number of tablespace partitions and their optimal size?

- Two questions about DB2 accounting reports

- Non-partitioned indexes (NPIs) are making inserts to one of my large tables time consuming. How would you deal with NPIs in this situation?



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