lundi 28 août 2006

Mainframe Edition (DB2 V8 et V9)


Voici trois articles sur DB2 pour z/OS Version 8 et Version 9 parus dans Mainframe edition :

- Good Migrations
Six compelling reasons for migrating to DB2 UDB Version 8 for z/OS
par Jeanne Kays et Roger Miller(IBM SVL)

"Many customers can benefit from the improvements in DB2 UDB V8 for z/OS. This article identifies some of the best opportunities. You can help smooth migration to Version 8 by planning carefully and reading the books and Web information."

- The Evolution of DB2 for z/OS Optimization
DB2 for z/OS Optimization Service Center
par Jay Bruce (IBM SVL)

"Since the introduction of the cost-based optimizer in the initial release of DB2 in 1983, IBM has continually evolved optimization technology. In recent years, DB2 for z/OS has extended support for complex relational data structures such as star schemas as well as access path visualization with Visual Explain. In DB2 for z/OS, Version 8, Statistics Advisor was added to Visual Explain to provide a rich client for tuning queries. IBM plans to continue to extend optimization through expert based query and workload analysis, server enhancements and a workload history warehouse."

- New DB2 for z/OS features simplify regulatory compliance
Easing the Cost of Compliance
par James Pickel (IBM SVL)

"The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulations require corporate executives to provide and ensure increased levels of financial and operational discipline. To help comply with this law, most enterprises are now implementing measures that cross financial reporting and processes that impact internal business and computing operations. Privacy regulations, such as those imposed by HIPAA, create operational discipline on a company's IT operations that have a similar impact. This article describes how new features in DB2* V9.1 for z/OS* can help ensure compliance by allowing better user accountability, providing end-to-end identity controls and improved auditing capabilities."



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