mercredi 5 juillet 2006

Numéro d'été de DB2mag


Le numéro d'été 2006 de DB2mag est disponible en ligne :

- Table Spaces and Locking Levels, Part 2 par Bonnie Baker :
How locks help friendly readers and not-so-friendly writers get along

- By Any Other Name par Robert Catterall :
Call it a legacy system or a data server, the mainframe still generates heat. And we're not talking about degrees

- Asked & Answered par Robert Catterall :
We're implementing a Web services-based application that uses the Distributed Data Facility (DDF). Initial monitoring analysis shows very high CPU enclave consumption, which limits the number of users we can support without degrading the performance of other critical online applications. IBM recommended caching dynamic SQL statements, but that approach didn't provide enough relief to support the number of users required. What else can we try to reduce the impact of DDF enclave CPU activity?



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