mercredi 10 mai 2006

Participez à l'écriture de deux redbooks DB2 V8


IBM vous propose de participer à l'écriture de deux redbooks DB2 V8 intitulés :

- LOBs with DB2 for z/OS: Stronger and Faster
The amount of data to be managed by workstations, middleware systems, and mainframes, keeps growing day by day. Some of the data objects you want to model are very large and complex. DB2 UDB Server for OS/390 Version 6 has introduced support for large objects (LOBs); They can be stored directly in the RDBMS with sizes up to 2 gigabytes per object and 4,000 terabytes per LOB column. The introduction of these data types implies some changes in the administration processes and programming techniques. The utilization of LOBs for critical applications is now widespread, and DB2 for z/OS has gone a long way in terms of enrichment of functions. Improvements in usability and performance, as well as full support from the utilities, introduced by Version 8 and Version 9 of DB2 for z/OS make LOBs an ideal solution for all objects larger than 32 KB.In the IBM Redbook we are creating on this residency, we describe the data types and provide useful information on how to design and implement LOBs. We also offer examples of their use, programming considerations, and the new processes that are necessary for administration and maintenance. We also describe the usage of LOBs by vendor solutions, such as SAP, and provide advice for best practices. Our redbook will be a total replacement of the previous redbook, Large Objects with DB2 for z/OS and OS/390, SG24-6571, which was written at the DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS Version 7 level, and includes the LOB-related functions introduced by DB2 Version 9.1 for z/OS.

- MLS/DB2 Implementation Update
The resident will learn about the latest MLS / DB2 functions, z/OS 1.8 and the next release of DB2, MultiLevel Security helps address government requirements for highly secure data. MultiLevel Security helps address government requirements for highly secure data. This residency will update the current redbook.

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