lundi 30 janvier 2006

DB2 Express-C : version gratuite de DB2 pour LUW


IBM vient de mettre à disposition sur son site une version gratuite de DB2 pour Linux, Unix, Windows. Il s'agit en fait d'une version réduite de DB2 Express pour Linux et Windows :

Plus d'informations, sur la FAQ de DB2 Express-C :

Voici le message d'information de Raul Chong d'IBM Toronto Lab :

Hello everyone, Though this forum is mainly for DB2 UDB on the mainframe, I would like you to be aware that DB2 Express-C is now available. DB2 Express-C, a version of DB2 Express for the community, is a **no-charge** data server that offers a solid base to build and deploy all applications including C/C++, Java, .NET, PHP, and more. DB2 Express-C is available on Linux and Windows running on 32 or 64 bit hardware with up to 2 CPUs and 4GB of memory. There is no database size limit, no limit on the number of instances or databases per server, and no restrictions on the number of users. For more details, check out the DB2 Express Web site: Or download it now! A new forum: **hosted and monitored by DB2 experts**, has also been introduced to provide free community based support for DB2 Express-C and DB2 Express. Regards, Raul F. Chong IBM DB2 UDB Express Community Facilitator Email: